The Loving CreativeĀ 

What's the Current Shape of Your Thoughts?

Spring 2024


Gain a deeper understanding of your own mental patterns and emotional responses, enabling personalized growth strategies on your mental fitness journey.


Learn to make deliberate choices and actions aligned with your growth goals, fostering a purposeful path toward enhanced mental wellness.


Recognize the broader effects of your personal transformation, inspiring positive contributions to your community and the well-being of those around you.

"How to Get Your Thoughts in Shape" is a compact and powerful mini-course designed to streamline your mental processes and enhance creativity.

In just a short session, you'll learn to ground yourself in the present, set clear and achievable goals, identify any gaps in your current thinking patterns, and focus on personal growth. This course is perfect for anyone looking to sharpen their mind, boost creativity, and approach life's challenges with a fresh perspective. Join us to refine your thought process and embark on a journey of mental fitness and creative exploration.