Can I Be Creative?

Creativity isn't limited to just traditional arts like painting or music. It can be the ability to bring forth novel ideas or merge unrelated concepts, affecting various facets of daily life.

Everyone inherently possesses creativity, but societal norms and self-limiting beliefs can suppress it. Recognizing and unlocking this potential can lead to innovative solutions and fresh perspectives.

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The Loving Creative believes that everyone has creative elements hidden within them, just waiting to be unlocked. Embracing creativity often means being open to change. They're intertwined, with one leading to the other, and welcoming both can lead to personal growth and evolution.

Your capacity for creativity is just like any skill, or muscle, if you will; what you need to do is give that muscle a little attention, a bit of exercise, and allow it to build up into something more toned and functional.


Building Your Creativity Muscle

Discover effective strategies and engaging exercises to enhance your creativity.

Whether you're looking to improve your writing, art, or problem-solving abilities, this article offers valuable insights and actionable steps to help you tap into your inner creative genius and express yourself more freely. 

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Words and images of encouragement to provide positive perspective and practical tips for creative souls. 

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Published Books

Gonna Move, Gotta Bounce, Have to Jumpity Jump!: How I Smooth Out My Jitter-Clumpy Day

By Jamaree Stokes

This energetic book is for kids who feel the unstoppable urge to hip-slippity hop and twirl-bouncy pop but find themselves in situations in which they can’t freely play, like sitting in a classroom or riding in a car. Children can jump into the vibrantly illustrated world of the ever-kinetic protagonist, who uses muscle-control exercises to burn off blip-fidgety jitters and calm himself down, even in restrictive settings.


The Relentless Rise: Break Through the Surface to Reach Your Greatest Self

By R.T. Stokes

The Relentless Rise¬†explores the belief that we all have an unfathomable beauty residing in each of us like a treasure hidden in the deep, dark ocean. Staying afloat when your life sinks beneath the waves requires more than just living with a positive attitude‚ÄĒit takes teamwork, tenacity, and transformation. Stokes challenges us to look beneath the surface of ourselves to understand who we really are and capture the buoyant positive space within us.