Gonna Move, Gotta Bounce, Have to Jumpity Jump!: 

How I Smooth Out My Jitter-Clumpy Day

by Jamaree Stokes

Does your child get the jumpsies at the worst times and places, and can't calm down?

Once they've reached the peak of mad antsyness, it's quite the tall order to suggest that they sit still. They can prevent their restlessness by doing energy releasing exercises before the jumps and bumps even hit, starting with a few minutes in the morning and in little intervals here and there.

Teach your child to feed their body with muscle relieving movements, getting in these calming snack breaks throughout the day.

You don't need any equipment; just a few body weight exercises, such as squats, wall push-ups, or planks, will work.

Every child responds best to certain exercises and has favorites.

They might even start developing their own personal twists. You can make it fun with a catchy rhyme or using a go-to sing-along. Enable your kid to be in control of their body's jiggle-jitter-jumps.

Guess what else? These same techniques are great for big kids too!

Have to sit in a presentation for 8-10 hours? Stuck on a video conference and feeling constricted? Sitting in your chair or standing in the DMV line, you can invisibly tighten your body muscles, inhale and exhale slowly, and relax your muscles ... it sounds simplistic, but it really helps alleviate tension. Is your back or neck sore and infringing on your day? Do some stretching and warmups, or simply squeeze your muscles with your hand to loosen and release strain. Listen to your body and help it recover and regenerate. It's worth the little time and effort to provide relief.

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Are you, or do you know, a big kid who would love a wrist-worn fidget?

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