R.T. & Jamaree Stokes are both M.Eds. in Instructional Systems Design with over 50 years of combined leadership developing learning content across military, corporate, and small business industries in various leadership roles including Operations, HR, Learning & Development, and Quality.

During the lockdown of the pandemic, we had plenty of time to reflect on what we truly desired for our lives. We stood together at a whiteboard in our home and, without much conversation, we each picked up a marker and began to create a shared vision for our future. We visualized everything - what we wanted our lives to look like, the kind of people we wanted to become, our desired mindset and emotions, our personal growth, and how we wanted our daily lives to operate. We also wrote down our hopes and dreams for others. One of the things we hoped for most was a positive energy community.

After so many years of developing a broad range of learning content for different companies, we decided to work together on what mattered to us most - helping people create the change necessary to experience an authentic love and appreciation for who they are, as well as the world around them.